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405 S. Seaman
Eastland, TX 76448

(254) 629-3355

First Baptist Church in Eastland, TX. 

Reach. Connect. Grow. Seek.


Missions Ministry

International Missions

FBC Eastland is working in conjunction with IMB personnel in South America to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2010 we adopted the village of Santa Rosa in partnership with the IMB to begin implementing a church planting strategy. Santa Rosa is a small village of approximately 10,000 people that is located near the Pacific Ocean just north of Lima, Peru. Poverty is widespread in this region, and other challenges such as obtaining quality education and sustaining family stability confront this culture on a daily basis. Simple choices that we take for granted plague this village such as clean water, electricity, child care, finding transportation to and from jobs. The people of Santa Rosa, however, have received us and welcomed us with open arms.

Many locals have expressed an interest in growing and learning more about the Lord. Our challenge and prayer is to transition this interest into a reality. We want to make the dream of church planting into a real living and breathing body of Christ. Our strategic focus for this ministry is on prayer. Our success is linked to God’s direction and purposes for Santa Rosa. We have spent much time in prayer for the people of Santa Rosa, for God to bring His church to life there, and for our church to discern God’s will and be obedient in leadership. We covet your prayers and petitions to God and ask that you partner with us in prayer and in body as we make 12 – 15 mission trips to Santa Rosa over the next three years.

Local Missions

Missions is not only an international effort. There are people right here in our community that need help, need love, and need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a couple of different ministries that were birthed 

Local Evangelism

A new ministry offered through FBC is the Reach in/Reach out ministry on Tuesday nights. In conjunction with this ministry we have begun a Hispanic outreach program that will seek to begin Bible studies and language training for Spanish speakers throughout the city of Eastland. This ministry is in its infancy, but we believe God has big plans for Hispanic evangelicals in the state of Texas and in our community. By seeking to reach Spanish speakers through language training, door-to-door evangelism efforts, and other marketing strategies we hope to find local leaders who can pick up the torch and carry this ministry forward.

Local Discipleship

Jesus’ commanded to make disciples of all nations is usually referred to as the Great Commission. He gave it to His disciples before His ascension. Discipleship is done at FBC Eastland in a number of ways and to all ages and groups. One special area of discipleship that we focus on is College Ministry. Each Wednesday night during the semester we meet at Ranger College for food and Bible study. The focus is on world view and world view thinking. Young people who leave home for the first time are always Satan’s targets. This is a critical time in the development of the mind, and many believers find themselves a long way from the peace and stability of their family, home church, and youth group. We work hard to offer them a solid foundation and footing of Scripture from which to grow and from which to base their worldview as it matures from a youthful one to a mature one.

We hope that you will consider partnering with us in these ministries as we seek to teach, train, and grow the kingdom of God. We always need volunteers on a short-term or long-term basis. Please consider how you can help team up with us to make a difference in our community for the glory of God.