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Word From The Pastor

It was so good to hear Coach Meyer speak this past Sunday. He has such a powerful and simple way of getting the point of Jesus across in what he says. Make that your goal this week, to get the simple message of Jesus across to a world that needs to know who Jesus is. Sunday is Easter. So many people are living within a stone’s throw of each of us who don’t know who Jesus is. That is what Easter is really all about. It isn’t the flowers or the egg hunts or the chocolate candies, it is Jesus. I am looking forward to sharing with you this coming Lord’s Day. I am looking forward to the week of the Walk to The Cross luncheons. God is the great and mighty God. I hope that you have a great week in the Lord. I am glad to be serving here with you.

Word From The Pastor

We are getting ready for a great service this coming Sunday. Our young people are going to lead out in worship and they are working together to seek the leadership of the Holy Spirit and put together a service from start to finish that honors our Lord. We are going to be able to celebrate the baptism of at least 5 young people Sunday and maybe more as we honor what God is doing in their lives. I hope that you will come and be here and allow God to speak to you and to your heart and be sensitive to the next one who will stand with the Lord. Don’t forget about God’s Not Dead. We still have tickets available and we are looking forward to what God wants to do to reach people for Christ. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, please pick some up in the office and a few for your friends and take them to see this great movie. I hope that God will use it to win more into a relationship to His one and only, only begotten, Son, Jesus Christ. I am glad to be serving here as your pastor.

Word From The Pastor

Well we have had two great Sunday’s in the newly remodeled worship center and God has blessed us with professions of faith each of those Sundays. I am encouraged by what God is doing in our midst as we focus on His word in our daily lives. I know that there are several who are traveling this week as you enjoy spring break with your family. Be safe and enjoy your time and look for ways to honor God in all that you do. Sunday, we are going to be looking at the last part of Matthew 27. God has a plan for your life and your faith automatically qualifies you for a role in the faith. I am looking forward to sharing with you and being challenged by God’s word as we continue to move forward together. We are going to have a business conference in March, March 26th to be precise, to make a decision about worship services. I have enjoyed the one service. The energy is great and the fellowship is strong but I also know that there are those in our fellowship who like coming early. There is no right or wrong, it is simply a scheduling preference. My focus is more on the reality that time is closer today to Jesus coming back that it was yesterday. Because of that fact, we need to be about the Master’s business. Find someone this week and invite them to come to church with you. Two weeks from now we are going to be sharing in a movie event with our community. Use that event to bring someone to the show and allow the truth of God’s message to speak to your life and to theirs. I am also looking forward to our youth led service coming up in a couple of weeks. We are going to celebrate several baptisms on that Sunday. Allow God to get you excited about what He wants to do through us to reach our community for Christ. I am glad to be serving here with you.

Our Ministries

Children’s Ministry desires to see children come to know Christ and then train them to follow Him for a lifetime.Student Ministry seeks to disciple students, grades 7-12, and reach the lost of Eastland County.
Men’s Ministry seeks to Honor God in all we do, realizing that our number one ministry is first to our God.Music Ministry supports the worship of the FBC family as we gather weekly to praise and exalt the Lord, our God.
Missions at FBC Eastland is about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and internationally.Prayer requests can be submitted online. Members will intercede for you in prayer in our prayer room.
Women's Ministry seeks to unite women of all ages as we grow closer to our Lord.