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Word From The Pastor

Man it has been a while since I have posted anything out here on our website. I pray that you are having a great week. I recently attended the Baptist General Convention of Texas Executive Board meeting in Dallas on Monday and Tuesday, September 29-30. I serve on the evangelism committee for the convention. I was given some statistics that point to where we need to focus our attention over the next few years. In Texas, there are roughly 28,000,000 people and that number grows tremendously each year. Of those 28 million, 12.6 million claim no church affiliation at all and half of those indicate that they would be willing to engage in a spiritual conversation with someone. The world is engaging them in spiritual conversations whether it be secular humanism or bad theology or even Islam or some other false religion. As Christians, we must begin to engage others in that direct conversation. Bring this down to Eastland proper, in Eastland, with 3,800 people roughly, that means 1710 are unchurched and 855 are willing to engage in a conversation about spiritual matters. One out of every two people you meet that you don’t know in Wal-mart or Brookshires or some other store or building, is willing to talk to you about faith. Take that opportunity this week to engage them and invite them to be a part of your bible study or worship with you. I am looking forward to sharing with you this Sunday.

Word From The Pastor

I hope you worshiped well this past Sunday. Our family was on vacation and we took the opportunity to go and see our friend Jon Randles and visit in the church he pastors in Lubbock. It also happens that Cara and Matt live in Lubbock and Colton is in Abernathy so we got to see them as well and while we didn’t do any exotic things we enjoyed some time away with no agenda, Clay and I got to play golf and we celebrated Lauri and Cara’s birthdays. It is good to be back in the office and it is good to be getting back into a routine as we get ready to wind down the summer break and get our fall ministries going. I am looking forward to sharing with you from God’s word this coming Sunday and I hope to see you in your place ready to hear from the Lord. I am glad I am your pastor.

Word From the Pastor

Well, I hope that we got that hacker thing straightened out. I am amazed that someone would go to the time to disrupt a normal account just to put stuff up that is not reflective of what the church believes. But then again, I’m not amazed. See, that is exactly what Satan has been doing for over 2,000 years. He is real and he is trying to get the church to think that he isn’t real and that what God said really doesn’t matter. But it does matter. But this isn’t a new trick. Satan has been doing this will false teachers for that same amount of time. And he will use whatever means he has available to distort the message of the body of Christ. Know what you believe and why you believe it and hold fast to that truth. Sunday we will again focus on what John says in 1st John about knowing what we believe and why it is essential. I am looking forward to sharing with you as God wills. I am glad to be serving here with you.

Our Ministries

Children’s Ministry desires to see children come to know Christ and then train them to follow Him for a lifetime.Student Ministry seeks to disciple students, grades 7-12, and reach the lost of Eastland County.
Men’s Ministry seeks to Honor God in all we do, realizing that our number one ministry is first to our God.Music Ministry supports the worship of the FBC family as we gather weekly to praise and exalt the Lord, our God.
Missions at FBC Eastland is about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and internationally.Prayer requests can be submitted online. Members will intercede for you in prayer in our prayer room.
Women's Ministry seeks to unite women of all ages as we grow closer to our Lord.