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405 S. Seaman
Eastland, TX 76448

(254) 629-3355

First Baptist Church in Eastland, TX. 

Reach. Connect. Grow. Seek.

Directory Registration


Church directory Faq’s

When/Where will the photographers be at the church?

  • Appointments are available from 2pm to 8pm on:

     Wednesday, November 13

     Thursday, November 14

     Friday, November 29 (the day after Thanksgiving)

  • Photographs will be taken in Room LC112. Proofs will be viewed in LC108. Both are in the hallway off Lamar Street, by the Gym entrance.

What if I can't make it on one of the scheduled days?

  • If we get close to filling up the schedule, Lifetouch will schedule another day - probably Saturday, November 30.

  • You can submit your own photo at a cost of $10.

How do I sign up?

Can anyone sign up?

  • We welcome anyone who regularly attends and is faithfully involved in FBC to sign up. You must complete the attached information sheet that asks you to indicate what information you want included in the directory and what information you want to be excluded.

How much does it cost?

  • Price Sheets are available.

Are there any discounts?

  • Discounts available for purchases over $100.

  • 20% off entire order for Military & First Responders (one per family).

  • 20% off entire order for Seniors 60+ (one per family).

  • Purchasers get a $30 coupon from Shutterfly.

What should I expect?

  • Allow for up to an hour to be photographed, view your selections and make your purchase.

  • You will receive your pictures about 2 weeks after purchase.

  • Each photographed family will receive a free 8" x 10" photograph and a printed directory. Directories will be available around the end of January.

Planning for your Portrait(s)

  • Photographer will take 4 pictures of you and your immediate family, using the background chosen by FBC for the Directory. (FYI, the background is a stone color - kind of gray/beige/tan.)

  • The free 8" x 10" portrait must selected from one of these 4 options.

  • Photographer will take a limited number of additional photos for which you will have a choice of background.

  • Photographs can be of individuals, full family group or family combinations.

  • Family guests do not have to be members of the church and will not be included in the pictorial directory.

  • If you have 7 or more individuals in your family, you need to book 2 back-to-back appointment times.

  • Families with multi-family units that want to be photographed together should schedule each family unit for separate, back-to-back appointments and everyone should arrive at the start of the first appointment.

  • Keep clothing simple. When coordinating your attire, consider solid or subtle patterns. 

  • You can personalize your extra pictures with meaningful items like musical instruments, sports equipment, hobby items, etc.

  • If you plan to include a pet in your additional photos, please call the office for info on requests/suggestions from the photographer.


Lifetouch Information Form

Please answer ALL questions. If you wish to keep certain information off of the church directory, please indicate by checking “No” on the appropriate question. All other information will be used for church record keeping purposes.

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